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CAPT Meetings    3/9/2020
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Train Cancellations 4/6/2020

Starting 4/6/2020, Carolinians 79 and 80 will not be running due to COVID-19. NOTICE.

Consist Changes

Carolinians are running without business class and without a baggage car until 4/30. On Tuesday, 3/24, it had 1 engine, 2 coaches and 1 cafe.

Piedmonts (75/76) are running with 2 engines, 2 lounge-bags and 4 coaches.

CAPT Meetings To Be Rescheduled

Please be aware no meetings of the Carolinas Association for Passenger Trains are planned at this time. Once the current crisis is over the board will consider future meetings. There is not a meeting scheduled for Raleigh in May.

Hope all is well with everyone.

Martin Wheeler
Carolinas Association for Passenger Trains

Train Cancellations 3/23/2020

Starting 3/23/2020, Piedmonts 73, 74, 77 and 78 will not be running due to COVID-19. NOTICE.

Fayetteville Meeting 3/21/2020 - Postponed

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the CAPT board meeting scheduled for 3/21/2020, is postponed.
  (+)                            NC Bullet Train
  (-)                            NC Bullet Train

Since the spring of 2016, the Piedmonts have run with an engine at both ends. The seats in each coach have been reconfigured so that half face forward and half face backwards. When the cars were originally reconstructed, they were outfitted with multiple unit (MU) cables. These allow the engines to work together as one, even though they are located in different parts of the train.

This configuration started during track construction for the new Raleigh station since there was no way to turn the trains there at that time. Afterwards, in June 2018, it helped to utilize this configuration when the fourth frequency between Raleigh and Charlotte was added. With less time between arrivals and departures at Charlotte, there isn't enough time to turn the trains. NCDOT has purchased additional locomotives which will be refurbished, but will have the prime movers removed. These will serve as operating platforms for the engineer.

When the two newest locomotives, 1755 and 1797, are used in this push+pull operation, to me it looks like an NC version of a bullet train. Here is a video of train 73 stopping at the Cary station in late May, 2016. The video was shot by Susan Bobinyec.

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