Carolinas Association for Passenger Trains
Board Meeting
via Zoom
March 20, 2021 1:05 PM

Present: Martin Wheeler, David Robinson, John Bobinyec, Ed Locklin, Jim Frierson, Ralph Messera, Bill Cole, Don Yehele and Phil Astwood

Secretary's Report: Accepted as e-mailed.

Treasurer's Report: Ralph Messera e-mailed a finance report showing an Initial balance of $340, Income of $55.00, Expenses of $27.13, and a Current balance of $1,022 41 Members responded. Only six used cheddar, but we plan to keep it.

Consideration of Open Board Member Positions: We have Gayle, but need more. Leon has not responded. Martin made a few contacts, no takers. We have 11 we are supposed to have 12. Need to calculate the ration of SC/NC. How about Gayle’s husband?

Discussion of Treasury Transition Issues:

501 C3 Status: Some members support renewing 501C3 to increase contributions. This should cost about $1,000. Perhaps not worry about this this year.

Update on NC On Track: David hard to make much progress without meetings. Rail cam seemed to fit well with mission. Nothing really new. NC rail reports there. Alison Boswell now in customer service, Will ask Tim McCue

Update on Resolution Drive in South Carolina in Support of Rail Passenger Service: Renewed maps complete not yet reprinted due to lack of funds

Update on News in NC and SC Affecting Transit and Rail Passenger Service: David – Before Tim left he was asked about cameras that view stations. NCDOT does not object. Jeff Brown at Amtrak is ok with it as long as people cannot be identified. Probably not a problem since you would want a wide view. Wanted to be able to show what these would be like so he set up ( to show to potential sponsors of a camera. Some places such as the museum in Wlson have shown an interest. He will stay with this to see who would like to take part. Martin – NS designaling line Asheville to Salisbury. This does not make any difference. Salsbury platform starts nexr yewar. Charlotte Gateway all bridge and track work going on. Year yo finish them 2-3more years. Silver line will go into terminal and almost planned. Complex due tp crosses. This line should be in operation in 10 years. Ed - Third Piedmont starts April 5.

Jim – Nothing new in SC. On mailing list for Assemble St project, but nothing new. Ralph – Do we wasn’t to join Western N. Carolina Assoc? David attended a meeting. Now interested in bus from west to Salisbury. Also looking at freight on some of the local short lines. Probably do we need to join now. Good idea fro David to continue attending Western Assoc. meetings. Will report at our board meetings

Update on Newsletter and Website: Newsletter – We have put out 3 now. Works well with current 1 page size. What would we like to see in next. Lexington Project and Harrisburg update, recognize donations. These newsletters add value. RPA annual 18-20 of April. Include info on that. Next meeting $45 to participate. Information for meetings with state congressional reps. Don will find out this works. Website - Martin – Move some material to our site from NCOT. Links exist now.

Southeast Regional Rail Plan: Martin – Sent out to Board. Shows changes and additions we would agree with. Some connections left off. No Amtrak routes shown (what happens to them?) David – is this group accepted generally. This is from the Southeast Corridor Commission. Who’s on this? Problem seems to be too many possibly interfering plans. Do we need to comment on this plan? How about a guest speaker from this group speak to one of out meetings.

High speed Webinar March 30: Several available. Martin will send out information on this. Provided by RPA.

Amtrak Update: Starting up daily on 12 national trains finish in June. With this they plan to reinstall regular dining. Does anyone know about 26 new passenger cars and 6 locomotives for the Piedmonts? What are the plans for existing cars.

Western NC Rail Alliance Membership:

Planning for Future Meetings: Next meet May 15 at 1:00 via Zoom

Adjourn 3:10 PM