Carolinas Association for Passenger Trains

June 2007 Meeting Minutes

Date: June 9, 2007
Time: 1:00 P.M.
Site: Greystone Restaurant
City: Charlotte, N.C.

Board Members Present: Bob Bischoff, Bill Cole, Gene Kirkland, Ed Locklin, Dan Smith, Don Stewart, Martin L. Wheeler, Jr.
Others Present: Phil Astwood, Bob Atwood, Dave Belk, Bobby Cooke, Doug Corriher, Dave Crawford, Penny Crawford, Gerald F. Croll, Ken Davis, Jim Fetchero, Christopher R. Frank, Jim Frierson, Jim Gregory, Virgil Hurley, John A. Kubach, Robert Menzies, Bill Mullen, Jack Parker, Ernest Robl, Carolyn Smith, Barry Stanfill, Jim Stevenson, Barry Whitlow, Wilma B. Williams, (Illegible, guest from Knoxville, Tn.).

The June meeting of the Carolinas Association for Passenger Trains was called to order by President Martin L. Wheeler, Jr. He commented on the CAPT brochure and the South Carolina Rail Petition, and then recognized North Carolina Vice President Don Stewart.

Don Stewart gave a status report on the CAPT brochure reprinting, noting that most editing and suggestions had been incorporated into the revised edition. He stated that he was still considering more “environmental” issues to be acknowledged in the final version. Don gave an overview of the upcoming NARP Fall Board meeting to be held in Charlotte in October.

Bob Bischoff, who had acted as recording secretary for the April 2007 meeting in Greenville, SC, presented the minutes of that meeting. The minutes were approved as presented.

Gene Kirkland reported that he had mailed out renewal notices and commented on his use of the association’s Money Market Fund to maximize the amount of interest earned. He reported total CAPT funds of $12,898.37 and 220 members. He reported that a Memorial Fund had been established for Allan Paul’s mother and recommended that CAPT donate $100. Dan Smith made a motion that CAPT donate $100 to the Fund, seconded by Bob Bishcoff. Motion passed unanimously.

Gene further reported on the recent report on CSX track defects, and gave an update on the Piedmont equipment and future plans for use of vending machines for food service. He noted that the NC trains are busy and that the Carolinian has seen improved On Time Performance (OTP) especially between Washington and Selma.

Bob Bischoff reported on the Charlotte Trolley schedule while the tie-in of tracks of the South Corridor Light Rail is completed. He said that Atherton Mill wants all trolley facilities out of the shopping center. He called attention to the many holes in the parking lot at the Amtrak station.

Bill Cole commented on the air conditioning at the Amtrak station and reported that the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce had traveled again by train to Raleigh in May for its annual meeting with the General Assembly this year. He also said that there are projections of 21,000 residents in downtown Charlotte by 2010. He commented on the upcoming new (third) Raleigh-Charlotte train.

Martin reported that all parties involved in the Gateway downtown Charlotte project are now in agreement regarding grade separation issues.

Ed Locklin asked that we all thank Ron Tober for arranging the tour of the South Corridor facilities and other events for the day.

Ernest Robl called attention to several publications reporting on transportation issues, including an Elks (BPOE) magazine, Mass Transit and Metro magazines. A recent article by Ernest stating reasons why Charlotte actually got light rail and the Triangle did not was published by the Elks magazine.

Martin suggested that Asheville might be an excellent site for the August meeting. He said that proper notice would be mailed out covering the details.

Ed Locklin’s guest, Jack Parker, invited everyone to visit his group’s HO scale model RR layout.

President Wheeler adjourned the meeting as business was concluded.

Dan Smith