Carolinas Association for Passenger Trains
Board Meeting
Salisbury, NC
July 18, 2015
In attendance - Martin Wheeler, Leon DeBaer, Ed Locklin, Gene Kirkland, Bob Bischoff, John Bobinyec, Jim Frierson and Ralpha Messera

We opened the meeting in the quarters of the Salisbury Historical Society inside the Salisbury Station.

Martin read the minutes of the previous May 16th meeting held in Wilson, NC. John Bobinyec said the person conducting the Rail Chat Group on line wanted someone to take over its operation. John said he sas trying to take it over. John said he was trying to work out a way using Yahoo, however he said it wouldn't automatically include the people on the old chat list. They would have to rejoin, using the new discussion group.

John said he moved the CAPT web-site to a new provider. Jim Frierson said we probably need to update our South Carolina mailing list. Art Peterson said he is going to talk to David Robinson to ask if he is still interested in heading up the new business group to push for improved passenger train service.

Martin said the streetcar on East Trade and Elizabeth Streets started running on July ? CATS will be using the 3 replica trolley cars made by Gomaco that perviously ran for some time on Charlotte's existing light rail. They will be free of charge and running on no regular schedule, but running on approx. 15 minute headway. They will operate between the Transportation Center/Arena station, where they make a connection with the Blue line light rail, and Presbyterian Hospital, which is about 1 1/2 miles.

Ed Locklin asked if anyone had heard about public reaction to the new "Silver Star" food service. Ralpha Messera said the derermining factor may be how many overnight accomodations has Amtrak sold on the train. If they have gone up with the new food service the changes are likely to remain.

The next CAPT meeting is scheduled for Greensboro, NC, on Oct. 19th.

Bob Bischoff, acting secretary