DATE: Aug. 11, 2008


SITE: Historic Greensboro Station

CITY: Greensboro, NC


In Attendance:


John Stein

Gene Kirkland

Martin Wheeler

Malcolm Kenton

Ken Davis

John Bobinyec

Ed Locklin

Dave Belk

Bob Bischoff

Don Stewart



The meeting was opened with Gene Kirkland giving the treasurerís report. We had an opening balance of $7,358.33. Expenses were $61.69. Income was $6.75 for a closing balance of $7,303.39. The CAPT Challenge remained unchanged at $6,535.00, as did our membership 169. Gene said he has a new printer who is doing a good job on the CAPT newsletter. Gene said we should probably not change our web-site host at the present time. It was decided to carry over any decision about that until the next meeting.


Gene said with limited storage space available on the lay-up track in Charlotte it was decided to maximize the revenue carrying capacity of the trains. The third frequency Charlotte to Raleigh train will have a combined baggage/food service car. The "Piedmont" will eventually receive the same treatment, which will allow for an extra revenue passenger car. A departure for the 3rd frequency train is tentatively set for about 12 to 12:30 PM from both cities. Gene said a siding at the Salisbury station for the projected Asheville service should be built this summer.


Martin reported the latest news concerning the TTA Raleigh/Durham commuter rail service and regarding progress on our S.C. passenger train resolution drive. Martin reported that Allan Paul believed NCDOT should have an agreement with Greyhound to move their bus terminal to a new location so that the site could to cleared from the proposed Charlotte multimodal terminal. The agreement could be made by this Oct. or Nov.


Martin said NCDOT and the FTA have not agreed about which tracks the passenger platforms should be built. FTA has suggested building a freight bypass around the east side of the Charlotte yard. Martin said the Lynx Blue Line light rail extensions environmental impact statement should be 90% complete in a few months. CATS hopes to finish engineering work on the extension by 2010, and start service on the line by 2015. The on-time performance has been 99% on the new light rail since it opened. 4 new light rail cars of the same design and builder have been placed on order for delivery by Mar. 2010.


Don Stewart talked about the CAPT brochure. He said he hopes to have the project completed within 90 days. Don said he is hoping Congress will pass some kind of Amtrak funding legislation before adjournment. Senator Durbin (IL) has introduced a bill that would provide funding for new U.S. made rail passenger cars and to study electrification.


Our next meeting will be our annual general membership meeting on Oct. 11th. Plans are to hold it somewhere in S.C., with the exact location to be announced. The following meeting scheduled for Dec. 13th might also be in S.C., depending on the S.C. legislature, it was announced.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Bob Bischoff

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Acting Secretary