Carolinas Association for Passenger Trains

CAPT Board Meeting

March 14, 2015

Greenville, S.C.

The Carolinas Association for Passenger Trains will meet in Greenville at the Marriott Greenville Hotel on Saturday, March 14, 2015. The address is One Parkway East and we will meet for lunch beginning at 11:30 AM. The telephone number for the Marriott Greenville is 864-679-1118.

Most of you probably use GoogleMap, a GPS or some other high tech method for navigating around but for those of you who still rely on “old school”-type directions, the following is provided: From North Carolina and points north, take I-85 South and get off on Exit 54 (Pelham Road) and stay in the far right lane, going towards Greenville, then make a right turn at the first street which is The Parkway. Proceed down this street for about three blocks (quarter of a mile or so) and make another right turn at the corner of The Parkway and Parkway East. There you will see the Marriott Greenville. For those coming from points east, take I-26 West and exit at the I-385 junction toward Greenville; proceed on I-385 until reaching I-85 at which point, you will take Exit 36 toward Spartanburg and get off at Exit 54 and follow the directions for those coming from the north on I-85. For those traveling on I-85 from the south, proceed north toward Greenville/Spartanburg and take Exit 54 and follow those same directions described above.

After lunch, at 1:00 PM, our guest speaker will be Mr. Frank Ezell, the chairman of the South Carolina Passenger Rail Consortium. He will bring us information on the efforts of the consortium to bring passenger rail service from Greenville to Charleston back to the state using existing freight rail corridors/lines owned by the Norfolk Southern Corporation and others. There will be a time for questions and information sharing on how CAPT and the consortium can work together to help bring this and other initiatives to fruition.

Following this presentation, we will have a business meeting with CAPT board members. Interested guests are invited to stay for this meeting but are certainly free to leave if they would like to do so. We will plan to adjourn close to 3:30 PM to allow for those coming from great distances to get home before dark. Remember, daylight savings time is now in effect!

Meeting Agenda              3/14/2015
  • Welcome
  • Frank Ezell, Chairman - South Carolina Passenger Rail Consortium
  • Update on resolution drive in South Carolina in support of expanded rail passenger service
  • Clemson Amtrak station temporary relocation
  • Secretary's report
  • Treasurer's report
  • Update on CAPT fostering creation of an association similar to Virginians for High Speed Rail
  • Update on news in North Carolina and South Carolina affecting trainsit and rail passenger service
  • Change membership dues to calendar year
  • Update on CAPT newsletter and website issues
  • Amtrak update
  • Reports by Officers and Directors
  • Planning for future meetings
  • Adjournment