CAPT Friends-

Well 2022 has passed and we are in for an even better 2023 on the railroad front. Among the positive thiings in 2022 were:

  • Completion of the new tracks and station platforms at Charlotte.
  • Connection of the Maintenance facility to the mainline in Charlotte and the operation of the first test train.
  • $25M Grant for the construction of the new station in Lexington, NC.
  • The purchase of the 'S' line in NC in coordination with Virginia's purchase of the line from Petersburg to the NC border.
  • Anticipation of the 4th Piedmont Service in the spring, which along with the Carolinian will give us 5 trains per day between Charlotte and Raleigh.
  • Continued interest in train service in SC, particularly the Charlotte to Columbia possibility and Myrtle Beach.

But there are some negative trends too, that need to be reversed. Among them are Amtrak's failure to fully restore services and crews, leading to service suspensions. While the Gulf Coast situation seems to have been resolved, the Class 1's are still unfriendly to Amtrak operations and possible expansions.

To counter these trends CAPT will need to be even more active than it has been in 2022 and we need your support to make this happen. We are asking you to take the time to renew your membership in CAPT or join. I am sure that you have interest in new and improved services throughout North and South Carolina, and we want to make sure that it happens. It will take hard work on all our parts.

Please join or renew now.

Thank you!

Ralph S. Messera
CAPT Treasurer